King’s Real Estate and Property Society (KREPS) is a fully ratified student society of the King’s College London Student Union (KCLSU).

Our aim is to be an accessible platform for students to learn more about property development, commercial & residential real estate, fund management, architecture, engineering and more. Furthermore, we provide students with opportunities to engage and network with industry professionals from a variety of sectors.

We believe that reducing the barriers to entry for students is of utmost importance. Therefore, both our membership and most if not all of our events are free.

Founded in 2015, we realised that there was an acute underrepresentation of property-related societies amongst the existing socieites at King’s College London. Given that the funding and development of property and infrastructure plays such a significant and irreplaceable role in the economy and society, we took on the mantle of becoming the first property-focused student society at King’s.

Our three areas of priority are knowledge, careers, and netowrking. More specifically, we aim to eduate students of all backgrounds on the property industry through informative lecture-style talks and interactive trips.

We are also a society where you can meet like-minded friends and potential employers. Through these connections and interactions, students are better equipped to enter the property industry.

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