2019-2020 EVENTS


Below, you can find all events hosted by King’s Real Estate and Property Society (KREPS) in the 2019-2020 Academic Year.

Northbank Business Improvement District (BID)


27 FEBRUARY 2020

Bush House (S) 2.05

Speakers from the Northbank Business Improvement District (BID) discussed how they are transforming the West End into a vibrant 24-hour destination through an ambitious programme of initiatives designed to complement the area’s impressive cultural, entertainment and corporate assets. The event gave students an insight into the future of the immediate area surrounding King’s and we appreciate Alison Duthie and Alison Gregory for coming in to talk.

King’s Estates: The Future of KCL


02 DECEMBER 2019

Bush House (SE) 2.10

Attendees joined King’s Real Estate and Property Society and the Directors of King’s Estates for an exclusive look into the past, present and future of the acquisition and development of the university’s buildings, spaces and more. This was perfect for students interested in how King’s Estates is improving and expanding the KCL campus and environment in order to provide students with the best academic experience possible. This event also provided an unprecedented insight into how the areas of property and higher education intersect, especially in a top university such as KCL.

M3 Consulting: Become a Property Development Consultant


23 NOVEMBER 2019

Bush House (SE) 2.10

M3 Consulting is a London-based specialist development management firm, involved in the development of the Leadenhall Building, the Nine Elms Park and more. Students had the chance to listen to the M3 Consulting Team discuss what they do on a regular basis, what the career paths are at their compoany, and more. M3 Consulting were also headhunting for students to fill in graduate positions at their company, so students were able to directly network and give their applications to the  hirers at the firm.

Careers and Property in China


01 NOVEMBER 2019

Bush House Lecture Theatre 2

A panel of experts who gave their perspective on the Chinese jobs and property market. This talk featured guest speakers from Tsinghua University (Ms Caelyn Li), China Admissions (Richard Coward), and our very own King’s Lau China Institute (Dr Xin Sun). This event was focused on the Chinese property and jobs market, which were at key junction points as 60% of Chinese people lived in urban areas and the economy was undergoing a massive transition from manufacturing towards tertiary sector industries.The event kicked off with keynote speeches from each of our speakers, followed by a panel discussion, and then a Q&A session from the audience.